Registration Pro Tips

Registration: a painful ordeal. Not only is it awful, but  it occurs during the week filled with tests and Special Olympics preparations. So sit back and relax and hear me preach the tips to dealing with registration.


  • Meet with your advisor: Its that time of the year when you are forced to awkwardly sit with your advisor. Cut the chit chat lady and just give me my pin. You know what I’m there for. Oh and no I’m not gonna take your random Scottish History class so stop asking me to.


  • Check your registration time: For freshmen its just pure luck in getting a good time. After that its all based on how much of a hardo you are with credits. Those APs really pay off kiddos. But, thanks to my all boy high school that is stuck in the 19th century I have no APs. Nothing better then checking the time and seeing the first day at 6:00 PM.


  • Schedulr: The only good technological thing this school provides us. It makes the painful choice of finding classes colorful and stressful at the same time. My new favorite hobby is watching all of my classes fill up as I am sitting there like…


  • Find Classes: For engineers, nurses and business students, there is not much variety in your schedule. For the smarter people aka Arts and Crafts students (mainly undeclared people like myself), the world is your oyster. Introductory to Scrabble: why not? Women’s Studies: Lot of chicks I guess. Earth: Gotta take an easy science class sooner or later. It’s great to not have a major because I can do whatever I want and push away responsibilities as my friends get their lives figured out.
  • Don’t Take 8:30s: My father aka The General for those who know him is a very smart man. When I left for college, he offered me some advice: “Take 8:30s because all you have to do is show up and the teacher will like you.” Well thats completely false. I took Spanish only ONE day at 8:30 in the morning and I was so noodled. Understanding English is tough that early so try understanding a foreign language at that time. So here’s my own tip: “Don’t take 8:30s. Its not easy.”
  • Plan around naps/formals/life/etc: You don’t want night classes. I’ve never taken one but my friends have. Every time they leave for class I am usually watching TV in bed so I can’t imagine having to turn off the TV and put on clothes. Moral of the story: don’t plan a class at a time you know you don’t want to do anything productive.
  • Register (Yes I like the Office so deal with it)
  • Sulk when you don’t get the classes you want
  • Or if you’re lucky like me…

Good luck kids. Stay safe this week.

Random PSA: sign up to volunteer for SPO. Just do it. Don’t be a lazy slouch and just go help some superstars have fun. Its coming from me and I am the laziest human on Main Campus. Cue the video…

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