60 Things We (aka our Parents) Don’t Pay $60,000 For

$60,000 is a lot of money. And we pay that four (in some cases five) times for an education from an accredited university. But sometimes, it seems like we deserve a little more. So, I crafted a list of things during Ethics class filled with things we should not pay all this money for. (FYI: forgot to number them when I started writing them down so no idea if its actually 60 things)

  • Connelly/Second Story sandwiches costing more then a meal
  • Being blackmailed to buy 7 apples, a yogurt, some soup or a bunch of cookies when you buy late night at Connelly
  • ACS
  • Walking all the way up to the fourth floor of Tolentine


  • Walking up all of those flights of stairs at 8:30 in the morning (see gif above)
  • Nova alerts about random power outages but not anything on terror attacks
  • Bad registration times
  • The “Awkward Luau”
  • The Game6 Luau
  • Fighting for a table at Cafe Nova during lunch time
  • Obscene amount of invites to Facebook events
  • Getting aggressively shushed when you sneeze on the fourth floor of the library
  • VUMobile
  • Living in O’Dwyer
  • Living in O’Dwyer as a sophomore (prayers to those poor souls)
  • Getting denied from clubs
  • The Villanova Shuttle never running on time
  • Sheehan articles (#PrayForHamez)
  • Not getting basketball tickets through the lottery
  • Running out of points by Fall break (thanks a lot Holy Grounds)
  • Having to look at Sig Nu’s pledge’s mustaches for an entire semester


  • Forced triples
  • Being an engineer


  • Public safety officers getting guns
  • The Wildcat Newswire everyday: Serious question, does anyone actually read it?
  • Mandatory ACS events
  • Not having a major as a sophomore (shoutout to the college of Arts and Crafts)
  • Constantly being asked the question “What is your major” when you don’t have one…or maybe thats just me
  • Not being able to use an MPE at Connelly at random times
  • Only having one basketball tailgate last year
  • Being called “Villanofun”
  • Telling your friends its not “Villanofun” as you and your freshmen roommates drink in your room watching TV on a Saturday night
  • Twin sized beds
  • Davis Center being hotter then the Sun


  • Not having A/C cc: O’Dwyer kids
  • VUMobile because it just went out as I am writing this in my room
  • Having Webster for Business Stats
  • Hard RAs knocking on your door when you sneeze (true story)


  • Radnor Cops just being jerks *cue the music
  • Paying money to get into FIJI if you’re a freshmen guy
  • Having one decent shower in your bathroom out of 8
  • Law School only being open for an hour a day for food
  • Side doors of the quad not working at night
  • Taco Tuesday line at the Pit
  • Freshmen


  • Sitting on a bus for over an hour on the way to a formal
  • Not knowing your meal plan as a freshmen until Fall Break
  • Waiting for a laundry machine to open up
  • Forgetting to press the start button on your laundry machine
  • Having your laundry be taken out of the machine because you forgot to get it
  • Not having a car on campus
  • Hardo intramural teams
  • Only four computer monitors working at Cafe Nova


  • Connelly tables not being level
  • Ethics: you already know my hatred for it
  • Getting woken up by the janitors screaming and whistling every morning
  • Dean Rost
  • Waking up and realizing that you spent your money at CampCo the night before
  • VUMobile aka the reason why I will have gray hair by the time I’m 21

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