Villanova Fall Break: The Spark Notes Edition

Fall Break: a unique time for every Villanova student. On one side, you get to rest/recuperate after a tough week of midterms (with a day of terror threats); on the other side, you get a week of just pure boredom after a weekend with some of your friends who don’t have off for the entire week. So, I developed a list of what usually occurs during the eight days of sitting at home if you aren’t moral enough to go on a break trip or lucky enough to go away for the week.

  • Typical conversation with my parents so far this week goes like this
  • Every time a family member asks if you got a boyfriend/girlfriend


  • Your parents ask how you’re actually doing in school



  • Getting scolded for staying up late
  • Getting scolded for doing nothing productive at all
  • Immediately getting scolded for getting up out of bed at noon…wait maybe that’s just me
  • Telling your friends what you’ve done all semester to act all cool
  • Having to tell your parents EVERYTHING that you are doing all week


  • Getting asked if you have any work to do over break


  • Lying to your parents by telling them you have no work so you can just procrastinate in Bartley Sunday night when you get back
  • Sitting on your couch and watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix/TV


  • Going out to pick up food and accidentally give the cashier your ID card
  • Realizing that you actually need real money to get food
  • Asking for money so you don’t have to spend the minimal funds you have saved up for Campco/beer/random necessities/beer/etc.
  • Enjoying your bed that actually is not made for a seven year old
  • Being offered an opportunity to go to the gym (this gif basically applies still)


By the end of the week, my family basically is just praying for me to go back to school.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more then anything. But, by the end of the week, I think everyone agrees that we all just want to be in our filthy dorm rooms with our buddies doing nothing (or maybe thats just me again).

Stay golden Pony Boy (and girls).


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