25 More Middle School Bangers

In response to our Mother site Chestnut Trill’s most recent article “25 Middle School Bangers“, I have decided to add my own 25 bangers from this time period. Without any repetitions, these hits can be added to form a monster throwback playlist with our co-collaborators at Boston College. Think back to your Middle School dance. Buried beneath all the awkwardness, the DJ killed it with jam after jam. Now, without any specific order, here is my 25:

  1. Smack That. Would only be right for our list to start off with Akon, who dominated the game in the mid-2000s. Add Eminem right smack in the middle of his prime? Song will continue to be a banger for many years to come.
  2. Love in this Club. Usher: The Weeknd before The Weeknd. Usher killed the R&B game in the 2000s, and having a feature from Young Jeezy provides the perfect combination of R&B and rap.
  3. With You. Oh to have back the 20 year old Chris Brown. “With You,” along with “Run it” and “Gimme that” not that far behind. No women beating, just straight hits and fire dancing; alluded by Chestnut Hill as our generation’s version of Michael Jackson.                                                                                                              cb gif
  4. Day ‘n’ Nite. Unfortunately, Kid Cudi recently announced he will not be returning to his Man on the Man sound, but not before leaving with us countless jams. Also, check out the Crookers Remix to this song.
  5. Got Money. The combo of Weezy and T-Pain collaborates two dynamic soundbites from this era. Their supposed album T-Weezy, will probably never be released. Sigh.
  6. Crack a Bottle. When we first heard this song in 2009, most of didn’t relate to those a couple years older than us, who highly anticipated to the return of Eminem, 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre, who carried the rap game in the early 2000s. Similar to Encore, the song is highlighted by Eminem’s introduction of each rapper before their verses. “And in this corner…”         em dre 50
  7. Live Your Life. From T.I.’s album Paper Trail, highlighted by T.I.’s dedication to American troops in Iraq and a Rihanna finish that puts the song over the top.
  8. Womanizer. Britney Spears coming in hot with this up-tempo hit that appeared as a comeback for the troubled singer. Plus, the music video…a must watch.                                                                                                                                            brit
  9. Put On. Most definitely the hardest song on the list, Young Jeezy raps about representing for his home city. Want to see the opposite of Villanova, PA? Watch the music video. Also, a fire feature from Yeezy never hurts.
  10. Numb/Encore. Everyone went through a Linkin Park phase one time or another. What happens when you combine Linkin Park’s “Numb” with Jay-Z’s “Encore?” A spot on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of the year.
  11. Fire Burning. “Somebody call 911. Shawty fire burning on the dance floor.” This first line by Sean Kingston naturally induced a sweaty mosh pit at your middle school dance. Sean Kingston, most known for having every song appear on Kidz Bop, has faded away in the past few years, probably after the decision to lay off the fast food.
  12. Irreplaceable. You guys saw the immense impact Beyoncé has had on the music industry from the crowd that surrounded her stage at MiA. Arguable her best song from the 2000s
  13. Paper Planes. Sung by the British rapper M.I.A, highlighted by the reoccurring sound of gunshots and the opening of cash registers. “Look, I’ve been shot at so I’m quite comfortable with gunshot sounds. If you have a problem with it, go and talk to the people who were shooting at me.” Last seen singing the hook to “Swagger Like Us” at the Grammys nine months pregnant.                                               article-1139386-035961E3000005DC-661_468x468
  14. My Love. JT + T.I. Justin Timberlake stole the hearts of many middle school girls in our era, then proceeded to a movie role in Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis, stealing the hearts of us boys.
  15. Turn My Swag On. Accompanying both “Kiss Me through the Phone” and “Crank That” on this list, Soulja Boy peaked in 2008.
  16. Temperature. Sean Paul raises the heat in Temperature, winning Dance Song of the Year in 2007. Use with caution though, as Stacey Gayle of NYC is reported by the media to experience seizures listening to this song.
  17. We Fly High. Introduced us to the “Fadeaway,” a dance move imitating a fadeaway basketball shot. Popularized by Michael Strahan of the New York Giants, who used this as a sack celebration with fellow teammates.                                                                                             200_s
  18. Gold Digger. Any throwback Kanye deserves a spot on this list. “Good Life”, “Homecoming, “Jesus Walks”; old Kanye is the best Kanye. Jamie Foxx featured and assisted in selling over 3 million copies, prompted it as the 9th most successful song of the ‘00s.
  19. Dangerous. A lot of Kardinal Offishall’s single’s success can be attributed to Akon, whose hook makes the song. “Girl I can’t notice but to, notice you, noticing me…”
  20. Say Aah. Guilty of having this as my ringtone in 8th grade, the actual message of this song flew over my head. Regardless of message, Trey Songz definitely quenches his girl’s thirst.
  21. Lollipop (Remix). How can you improve the original version that was awarded Rolling Stone’s #1 of 2008…? This guy:             kan
  22. In da Club. After Eminem’s discovery of 50, he was flown out to LA, and “In da Club” was produced days after. The lead single in 50’s Get Rich or Die Tryin,’ this party starter combines Curtis Jackson’s lyrical skills with an epic beat from who else but Dr. Dre.
  23. Replay. Iyaz followed suit from previous artists such as Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo, and Akon with this hit, fusing it with his background in reggae.
  24. We Takin’ Over/I’m So Hood/Out Here Grindin’/All I Do Is Win. Although DJ Khaled basically stands in the background and yells, “We Da Best” throughout his songs, give the guy some credit, he would constantly convince the biggest names in rap to collaborate.                                                                             khaled
  25. Party in the USA. Last but certainly not least, we have Miley Cyrus. Seriously Miley…what happened? Song of the summer from 2009 following a successful career on TV, then boom. You know the rest.


Honorable Mentions: Knock You Down, All the Above, the few Rihanna throwbacks not mentioned in the first 25, I Kissed a Girl

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