Best Website For A Lazy Sunday (No, not that one, get your mind out of the gutter)

Sunday afternoons are made for laying around attempting to exert as little energy as humanly possible, accomplishing that last bit of self loathing required of you after the actions you committed this weekend, and, at the end of the day, scrambling to pull your life together before another week begins.

Seeing as that it is still Sunday morning (which runs from about 8AM-5PM, anything before that is still saturday night) it is still acceptable to be in bed, maybe with the lights off, unshaven and hungover, hiding from the responsibilities that exist outside of your bed and remembering all of the things you did that essentially upgraded your Ticket to Hell from Coach to First Class.

Everyone who knows me knows that I appreciate nothing more than beer and music in vast quantities. For me, the best way to truly relax is good music or soothing beverage. So in the words of those taco shell commercials- “why not both?”


But there’s nothing worse that conflicting music and drink options. Johnny Cash and a Limerita? Frank Sinatra and a warm Keystone Light? Nirvana and White Franzia? The above combinations, and others like them, are for lack of a better word, abominations. However, a like minded music loving degenerate, through the power of the internet, has revolutionized the way that people drink and listen to music. No more will you be stuck in the “but what kind of beverage goes with New Wave Hardcore Swedish Reggae?” Dilemma, because Drinkify has taken care of that for you.  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the future.

Next time you need the perfect tunes/booze pairing, just go to and type in whoever you feel like listening to. From Lana to Metallica, you’ll get a suggested refreshment that pairs best with your tunes of choice. Then just kick back, pour the recommended beverage, and relax. Perfect for nipping that Sunday hangover in the bud.

Stay Thirsty My Friends


DISCLAIMER: The author of this article received no form of compensation from Drinkify’s staff or legal team in the form of monetary encouragement/ sexual favors in exchange for the positive review you have just read (although neither of those things would be discouraged @Drinkify people). The author was also not put under the threat of bodily harm or death in order to coerce such an article from said author, he just really likes this website and thinks you should check it out.

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